What’s Working: Measuring Impact in Support of Scale

Audiences: District Leaders
Levels: All Levels

Session Description

Personalized and Blended Learning implementations are spreading rapidly throughout the country but still remain outside mainstream education. Practitioners are therefore faced with extra challenges when they seek to measure the impact of these initiatives and bring them to scale:

• How do you choose which metrics to focus on - should you stick with standardized test scores or incorporate less familiar but more targeted measures?
• Once you know what's working, how do you communicate the results in a way that all stakeholders will understand?
• Finally, how do you leverage your initiative's impact to bring it to scale?

In this session, participants will explore these questions within the context of the evaluation and scaling strategies used by Dallas ISD - an urban district in Texas that is executing one of the nation's largest Personalized and Blended Learning implementations. Using Dallas ISD's strategies and tools as a guide, participants will work together to create their own customized evaluation plans and communications strategies that can be used to measure and scale any innovative initiative.

District Information

The Dallas Independent School District sits in the heart of a large, diverse and dynamic region with a metropolitan population of 6.5 million people that stretches across 12 counties. The district is the second-largest public school district in Texas and the 14th-largest district in the nation.

Dallas ISD serves approximately 155,000 students in 230 schools. The district's Blended and Personalized Learning initiative is currently being implemented across nearly half the district.

Courtney Rogers

As Dallas ISD's Manager of Personalized Learning Growth, Courtney Rogers is responsible for refining and executing a multi-year strategy to expand Personalized Learning in the district. Prior to joining Dallas ISD, she managed philanthropic and government partnerships for a math education nonprofit and completed an AmeriCorps teaching fellowship while earning her master's degree in education leadership. Tips for sparking a conversation: mention educational equity, the American Revolution or Harry Potter.


Additional Resources

Participants will receive and explore:

  1. A step-by-step guide for creating a customized evaluation plan and communicating results
  2. A copy of Dallas ISD’s recent Personalized Learning impact report which explores the initiative’s results over its first two years
  3. Links to additional scaling and implementation resources including the Dallas ISD PL Toolbox, PL Coaching Rubric, and PL Continuum