Every Class Should Use Social Media

Audiences: 6 - 8 Teachers , 9 - 12 Teachers , ES School Leaders , MS School Leaders , HS School Leaders , District Leaders
Levels: Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced

Session Description

Social media is the single greatest tool to educate lifelong learners beyond our classroom walls. And in an age where our students (and citizens) are struggling with digital citizenship, media literacy, and their digital portfolio in general, we must connect our instruction and extend our mentorship to social media.
I've added social media instruction into my Contemporary World History class so students could keep up with developments in topics and areas of the world that interest them. I've also designed my own course (called Passion-Based Learning through Social Media) where students choose their own passion and learn, create, and share content to become an expert in that field.
In this session, participants will use the resources provided to build learning networks on social media to enhance their current curriculum. This work will ensure that every teacher and every course teaches essential digital skills from digital citizenship to media literacy to digital portfolios.

District Information

I work at a co-ed, independent day school in Oakton, VA. Our Upper School has about 575 students.

Nate Green

Currently serving as the Information Specialist and an Innovation Department instructor at Flint Hill School, Nate believes in the power of building personalized learning networks based on student interests. He speaks at schools and conferences to promote passion-based learning on social media, understanding that the internet and social media provide the greatest opportunity to develop curious and insightful lifelong learners. Nate works to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and discussion and student online learning and discussion in an effort to grow digitally literate, informed, and responsive digital citizens—digital citizens who learn online and are understood as such by developing robust digital portfolios based on interests.