Hop on the Hyperdoc Express

Audiences: 3 - 5 Teachers , 6 - 8 Teachers , 9 - 12 Teachers
Levels: Intermediate , Advanced

Session Description

Hyperdocs are enabling a pedagogical revolution that can bring passion back to teaching and learning. Educators can design creative learning experiences using G Suite tools that meet the needs of individual students. Students can work at their own pace and collaborate with classmates both synchronously and asynchronously. The learning model hyperdocs uses is one that engages students, asks them to explore concepts, apply knowledge, explain what they discovered, reflect on the learning process, and extend thinking.

In this session we will explore existing K-12 hyperdoc resources, learn about the process to create hyperdocs, and support attendees to make their own hyperdocs to support learning in the classroom and/or professional learning. Teachers will leave with ideas to implement the next school day!

Note: Session participants should bring a laptop and be able to access Google Drive.

District Information

Mansfield public schools has 3856 students with 15.2% students with disabilities and 26.2% high needs in three out of the four schools. We are an educational campus so all four schools are together with pre K near central office.

Rayna Freedman

Rayna Freedman is a 5th grade teacher at the Jordan/Jackson Elementary School in Mansfield, MA. She has taught grades 3-5 and is an ITS. Rayna is president of MassCUE. She is working on her doctorate through Northeastern. Rayna is a co-founder of EdCampe SEMass. She is a BrainPOP certified educator, Flipgrid Ambassador, Fablevision Ambassador, and advocate for student voice in the classroom. She serves on the DESE Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards Panel. Rayna has presented for ISTE, MassCUE, Ed Tech Teacher, Tech and Learning, Medfield DLD, FETC, and BLC. Ms. Freedman is published in Early Childhood Education Today, Building Teachers: A Constructivist Approach to Introducing Education 2nd edition, and Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education. She is a level 2 Google Certified Educator.