Deepening District Wide Personalized Learning through Sprints

Audiences: Teacher Leaders , ES School Leaders , MS School Leaders , HS School Leaders , District Leaders
Levels: All Levels

Session Description

Five years ago, the Syracuse City School District began a system wide shift to personalized learning with the hope of raising student achievement, ownership and engagement. After five years, noticeable changes in teacher instruction and the student experience, and creating tighter alignment of PL to the district’s strategic goals, the team reflected and recognized that a higher degree of personalization is possible, and therefore student achievement. In order to do this, the district knew it had to be more sensitive to the unique needs of each school while also creating a clear and predictable structure for managing and monitoring the work.

A few years ago, the district began the work of a systems level evolution to becoming more agile and using sprints to push each school and clarify specific, measurable actions. During this interactive session, Manami Tezuka and Nate Franz of SCSD, will share their journey and rationale for leveraging sprints as a way to manage an initiative and in this keep deepen the level of personalization across the district.

District Information

The Syracuse City School District, located in central New York, is home to 36 schools that educate 23,000 students.

Manami Tezuka

Manami Tezuka is the Supervisor of Library Media Services in Syracuse City School District. She has worked in education for 20+ years and still likes it! Her most recent work facilitating personalized learning in Syracuse has stretched her thinking and professional practice by widening the possibilities of what effective, meaningful learning can look like with limited resources in a diverse environment.


Additional Resources

PL Hub ( SCSD’s hub for Personalized Learning Resources and PD