Blended Breakouts for Every Learner

Audiences: 3 - 5 Teachers , 6 - 8 Teachers , ES School Leaders , MS School Leaders
Levels: Beginner , Intermediate

Session Description

Blended Breakouts are an amazing way to combine tech with hands-on problem solving. Breakouts allow students to collaborate, think critically, be creative, and communicate effectively as a group. Students will leave your classroom begging for more!

This session will walk teachers, coaches, and administrators through building and implementing a Blended Breakout -- essentially a logistically easier version of a Breakout EDU. We will discuss key components and explore different tech tools to make them fun and engaging. We will deliver session information using Nearpod to promote an active learning experience. Attendees will leave the session with the tools and confidence to implement a Blended Breakout when they return to their school.

District Information

I am an educational technology coach for the iTeach Department at Kennesaw State University, the third largest university in the state of Georgia. I coach teachers in Henry County, Georgia. The district is a personalized learning district and the 8th largest district in the state.

Nicole Youmans

Nicole Youmans is an Educational Technology Specialist at Kennesaw State University. She was an elementary classroom teacher for ten years that specializes in personalized learning. Nicole has been teacher and leader trained by the Buck Institute and holds many endorsements and certifications. Nicole currently coaches teachers to help provide support with 1:1 technology. She is determined to bring purpose and passion to the classroom when integrating technology to provide teachers with current and engaging tools to use immediately in their classrooms.


Additional Resources

Nearpod, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google Maps, Chatterpix,
Breakout EDU,,, Google Sites,, ShowMe App