Culturally Relevant Curriculum Design

Our students come from rich intellectual traditions. They are connected to and know the needs of their communities. They have important questions. All of them. Join expert curriculum designers associated with Acero Schools in Chicago to develop culturally relevant curriculum that is inquiry-based and begins with students generating their own questions that reflect their own curiosity, interests and home and community-based knowledge. Come alone or bring a grade or subject area team to redesign curriculum units that leverage students’ cultural capital, shares power with students as co-knowers and doers, supports the development of high level skills, and connects class work to the outside world and students’ experience.

The redesign model is most aligned to subjects associated with history, social studies, literature, social sciences, but can be applied to all subjects and grade levels. Participants will leave with redesigned units to immediately use, access to units developed by colleagues at the session as well as access to a larger database of units designed by Acero Schools. Come ready to analyze exemplars, collaborate on adaptive units and reflect on your teaching practice.


Providence Omni Hotel, 3rd Floor, South County Room

1 W Exchange St, Providence, RI 02903