Saturday Symposium

Saturday, April 6th -
7:30am - 4:00pm

Our main conference event targets teachers, principals and district leaders with a focus on supporting and delivering personalized instruction. Participants with a range of interests and experience may build a personalized schedule that includes sessions, classroom simulations, playgrounds, 1:1 consultation, networking and more.

Saturday Symposium –

Event Agenda
7:30am - 8:30am
8:30am - 9:30am
Welcome Program
9:30am - 4:00pm
Open All Day
Practice Playground
Exhibitor Floor
EdUnderground Playground
Learn-It Lounge
9:45am - 11:00am
Session 1
Blended Breakouts for Every Learner Ballroom BC
Using the 4C's by integrating educational technology (3rd - 8th)
It’s My Education! How Student Ownership Can Increase Equity 555 A
Students share their experiences of truly student-centered learning (6th - 12th)
3rd Grade Classroom Simulation 551 AB
Classroom systems for building student agency & ownership (K - 8)
Building The Modern Classroom 550 AB
Blended, self-paced, mastery-based practices for student-centered instruction (All)
Is AI the most important thing happening on planet earth? 558 AB
A leadership workshop on how prepare for Artificial Intelligence (All)
Supporting Schools on a Continuum to Personalization 552A
Systems and actions that help establish and grow personalized learning (Leaders)
The Secret to School Improvement: Making Practice Public 555 B
Create a culture of meaningful school-wide improvement with public practice (All)
Apollo: Not Your Father’s Education 556 AB
A Simulation Exploring a MS / HS Project-Based Learning Model (6th- 12th)
Going Deeper: Focusing on Student Competence 552 B
A district case study of using CBE to deepen Personalized Learning (Leaders)
Getting Started with Personalized Learning: K – 5th Ballroom A
Exploring the instructional shifts surrounding personalized learning (K - 5th)
Kara O’Connell, Highlander Institute, Providence, RI
11:00am - 11:20am
Refreshment Break
11:20am - 12:35pm
Session 2
Middle School Classroom Simulation 551 AB
Come observe a middle school classroom in action (3rd - 8th)
Conferencing: The Secret Sauce to Student Success 553 AB
Cultivate student voice, improve relationships and increase investment in learning (K - 8th)
Stephen Johnson, McComb School District, Mississppi
Is Race Really Real? & Other Questions for Math and Science Class 550 AB
Culturally Responsive Lessons in Middle School Math & Science (6th-12th)
Angela Koine Flynn, The Gordon School, E. Providence
Instructional Coaches and Personalized Learning 552 B
Insights and Reflections on Facilitating Coaching Conversations (Coaches, Leaders)
Blended Learning and LGBT+ Learners 558 AB
Building knowledge to increase LGBT inclusivity and accessibility (All)
Leveraging Game Design to inform Student-Centered Practices 554 AB
Select a principle of game design to re-boot a lesson or activity (6th - 12th)
Blended Badges: Digital Content + Personal Experiences 555 A
Combining playlists and experiential learning for equitable, powerful lessons.
Personalized Learning, Participatory Culture, and Teaching for Global Citizenship 556 AB
Designing learning environments around social & ecological justice (3rd - 12th)
App Smashing: Design Challenges for Building Powerful Lessons Ballroom BC
Leverage multiple apps and strategies to design creative and rigorous lessons (K - 5th)
What’s Working: Measuring Impact in Support of Scale 552A
How to measure impact and leverage results to bring your initiative to scale (Leaders)
Getting Started with Personalized Learning: 6th-12th Ballroom A
Exploring the instructional shifts surrounding personalized learning (6th - 12th)
Kara O’Connell, Highlander Institute, Providence, RI
12:40pm - 1:10pm
Lunch Break Activities
Lunch / Job Alike Networking
1:15pm - 1:50pm
Strategy Mini-Sessions
A Diagnostic Station Approach to Writer’s Workshop 552 B
Use blended learning stations to facilitate productive student revision (6th-12th)
Design for Real-World Learning 555 B
Leadership Strategies for Authentic Learning Opportunities (Leaders)
Let’s Talk about Math using Flipgrid! 551 AB
Think, Solve, Talk, Connect using Social Learning (3rd - 12th)
Giving Students Voice and Choice in Tech-based Literacy Instruction 557
Student voices are the loudest in our redesigned ELA classroom (6th - 12th)
PBS LearningMedia: A Blended Approach to STEM 552A
PBS digital media resources to engage and motivate all learners (K - 8th)
Deb Ramm, Johnston Public Schools K-12, Johnston, Johnston RI
Every Class Should Use Social Media 553 AB
Staying current and building networks across subject areas (6th - 12th)
Hop on the Hyperdoc Express 554 AB
Bring the passion back to teaching and learning (3rd - 12th)
Designing Dynamic Learning in the Digital Age 556 AB
The perfect marriage btwn research-based instruction and modern tools (3rd - 12th)
Skills for Innovative Leadership 555 A
Explore the new roles of innovative leaders (Leaders)
2:00pm - 3:15pm
Session 3
Beyond Station Rotation Ballroom BC
Redesigns, hacks and next steps to better adapt stations to your classroom (K - 8th)
High School Classroom Simulation 551 AB
Come observe a HS classroom in action (6th - 12th)
Avoiding the Dehumanizing Effects of Personalized Learning 550 AB
Personalization can dehumanize learning if technology comes before people (All)
What Gets Measured? Data Practices for Equitable, Student-Centered Schools 555 B
Creating transparency & making data consumable to inspire action (All)
25 Ways to Drive Student Agency Using Goal Setting 557
Explore our best strategies and crowdsource the best in the room (All)
Dictator to Facilitator: Student-Led Classrooms 552 B
Designing student-led routines, systems, tasks, and lessons (9th - 12th)
Stories of Change from Innovative School Leaders Ballroom A
Dive into the journeys of three urban schools using a station model (Leaders)
Strategies and Tools for the Early Elementary Classroom 552A
Leveraging strategies and tools to boost creativity, rigor, and agency (K - 2)
Understanding Competency Education & Evolving Grading Practices 555 A
Rethinking standards, grading, and assessment from a district perspective (All)
Improving the Student Experience through Blended Learning 556 AB
An interactive session on playlists, tools, and troubleshooting (3rd - 8th)
3:20pm - 4:00pm
Platform Playground
Project Based Learning Exhibit
Shark Tank
App Smackdown