Blended & Personalized Open Houses

Thursday, April 4th -
12:00pm - 3:30pm

BPLC19 kicks off at noon on Thursday, April 4th with a series of free open houses in downtown Providence. From 12:00pm – 3:30pm, participants are invited to visit local schools and nonprofit organizations to learn about the work they’re doing to advance blended and personalized learning.

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BIG NAZO: The “Space Transformation Studio” at the Kennedy Plaza Bus Station is the new interactive puppet-sculpture zone for the BIG NAZO international creature-performance troupe. The site functions as a fabrication shop, a showpiece for local talent and a walk-in gallery committed to serving & surprising visitors to Kennedy Plaza and the downtown Providence community. A variety of puppet, mask and wearable creature characters are on display alongside the results of creative output by local collaborators seeking to create mobile spectacles and public art happenings. Visitors can expect to learn how creatures are made as well as try them on to create a spontaneous parade for the unsuspecting public. This project is hosted by RIPTA and made possible by the Carter Fellowship for Entrepreneurial Innovation, a program at the Rhode Island Foundation funded by Letitia and the late John Carter. To learn more visit

The mission of the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity is to provide leaders with professional learning and support to create equitable outcomes for students in our schools. We have two main programs, the Principal Residency Network and the Learning Leader Network. The PRN is a residency-based building administrator certification program approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education. The Learning Leader Network is the leadership development and continuous improvement arm of Center for Leadership and Educational Equity.

Learn how Confianza enacts our mission of improving outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse individuals through improved cultural understanding, communication and collaboration within schools and organizations. See how we promote an inquiry-based approach when we collaborate with schools and organizations to identify opportunities through needs-specific professional learning. Our approach allows mindsets and practices improve, leading to increased achievement, opportunity and equity for underserved populations.

Founded in July 2017, Diversity Talks aims to increase the cultural competency of adults by providing student-led professional development grounded in diversity, equity and inclusion. This year, we created an assessment tool and framework that is a first-of-its-kind methodology for measuring the cultural competence of educators, using four dimensions: power, empathy, relationships, and mindset (PERM). Participants will be able to walkthrough our findings in the areas of PERM, as a result of implementing student-led professional at one of our partner sites.

EduLeaders of Color RI is a people-centered initiative focused on education, working at the intersection of all fields to unite, support and empower people of color. Our mission is to create systemic change in education by cultivating spaces for leaders of color invested in dismantling inequities, strengthening organizations led by people of color, and fostering community partnerships. During this Open House, participants will be able to learn about the organization’s history and model. They will also have an opportunity to engage in a Q&A about everything we’ve accomplished to-date.

New Urban Arts is a nationally-recognized community art studio that provides free after school and summer programs to high school students. Our mission is to build a vital community that empowers young people as artists and leaders to develop a creative practice that they can sustain for life. Join us for a tour of our studio and a conversation with Executive Director Daniel Schleifer about how we balance flexibility and fidelity to create a learning environment that high school students find irresistible.

The innovative partnership between the Providence Public Library and Roger Williams University College allows non-traditional learners a new path to access the career skills they need. This panel will showcase how our creative approach to building cross-institutional relationships has opened up technology education to new sectors through the Technology Career Pathway program. As a result of this partnership, we have served public housing residents, soon-to-be released incarcerated men, English Language Learners, and adults with low-literacy skills to help them earn college credit and gain valuable computer literacy skills.

Rhode Island Museum Of Science and Art: A designated non-profit since 2010, RIMOSA’s hands-on, open-ended STEAM based exhibits and programs – aimed at older children, teens and families – emphasize the tools that both artists and scientists share; curiosity, observation, experimentation and communication. We have both a physical site and numerous outreach programs we facilitate throughout southern New England. Our site includes a number of hands-on exhibits including a Flight Tube, Spin Art, Zoetropes, activity tables, and many more. Expect to explore and create, and have lots of fun in the process!

Trinity Repertory Company’s mission is to reinvent the public square with dramatic art that stimulates, educates and engages our diverse community in a continuing dialogue. We do this through nationally recognized stage productions, a professional resident acting company, graduate training programs offered in partnership with Brown University, lifelong learning opportunities, and arts education programs that reach students in grades K-12. Education programs serve thousands of children and adults each year. Project Discovery, a student matinee program founded in 1966, has allowed over 1.4 million students to experience theater. Our education activities also include workshops and residencies in schools and community organizations, arts integration workshops through Creative Classrooms and school-to-career activities. Trinity Rep Active Imagination Network (TRAIN) is a theater program specially designed for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other cognitive, psychiatric and physical disabilities.

Village Green Virtual is a brick and mortar blended learning high school. While we call ourselves “virtual,” the only truly virtualized component is the school’s curriculum. VGV has been open since 2013 and we take pride in the fact that our work has resulted in the ability to modify and customize Edgenuity to create a truly personalized learning experience for each student. Our 16 pathways are derived from diagnostic data and every pathway either offers remediation or acceleration and results in dual enrollment and high school graduation. Additionally, VGV has a 2:1 device to student ratio and our students learn in a VMware/thin client environment. At VGV, time is a variable and not a constant and most e-courses are student led pace and not teacher led pace. VGV students are 85% urban, 94% free and reduced lunch, 20% special populations and 8% EL. In the past six years, VGV has had the highest graduation rate in RI (2018), the highest growth in NGSS science (2017), the highest growth in PARCC ELA (2016) and the 3rd highest growth as a district in PARCC math (2016). Our books, available on Amazon include; Inventing School (2016), Knocking it out of the PARCC (2017) and A Personalized Learning Framework (2018).

Youth In Action is an after school leadership program for high school aged youth. We serve front line community members who are disproportionately burdened by society in all ways and given the message that it is their fault. Our programming empowers youth to practice leadership, share their stories and create change. Visitors may engage with youth leaders in activities and smaller discussions to gain an understanding of YIA’s work. Please visit us online at to get more information, donate or join our mailing list.