Save the Date: Join us in Providence for BPLC19 from April 4 - 6, 2019

Join us for BPLC 2019

From Thursday, April 4 to Saturday, April 6 the Highlander Institute and the Learning Accelerator will showcase the best classroom, school, and district implementers from across the nation at our 2019 Blended & Personalized Learning Conference in Providence RI.

Unlike many conferences throughout the year, this event is a chance for educators and leaders to discuss blended learning as it exists today on the ground - both in terms of the day-to-day implementation in blended classrooms, and the strategies and systems that have effectively supported replication and scale across schools and districts.

"Thank you so much for another great conference. BLPC is a place I count on every year to reflect and get inspired as we go into strategic planning season! Your intention in planning the conference is appreciated."

Amanda Rychel, Vice President of Strategy, Distinctive Schools Chicago

"I’m really lucky to live in a place where we have a great organization like the Highlander Institute working to improve teaching practice and further the cause of blended learning....It is great to see what is possible by having teachers share what is working in their classrooms. Thank you for a great conference!"

Raymond Steinmetz, 7th Grade Mathematics Teacher, Portsmouth Public Schools

Huge thanks to all the folks @HighlanderInst @LearningAccel @ChristensenInst for #BPLC18. It’s the most thoughtful, accessible, student-voice-infused, educator-led conference around. Wonderful people and inspirational learning.

Michael Fauteuil, Director of Innovation at Leadership Public Schools


Hosted by the Highlander Institute and the Learning Accelerator, the BPLC enjoys strong endorsements from the education community.  Conference attendance has grown exponentially, with our past four events selling out.


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