Stories of Change from Innovative School Leaders

Audiences: Teacher Leaders , 6 - 8 Teachers , 9 - 12 Teachers , MS School Leaders , HS School Leaders
Levels: All Levels

Session Description

Throughout the year, MAPLE Innovative School Leaders engage in active problem solving and change management as they work to build personalized learning models that fit the context of their schools and meet the needs of their students. In this session, three MISL design teams will share their stories. From planning and implementing their initial pilots to addressing equity gaps in their schools to problem solving and building buy-in to finally measuring and reporting their success, teams will share their experiences and participants will dig into the process and apply it to their context.

We will begin this session with a quick overview of our vision and beliefs. After setting the stage, each school team will provide a brief overview of their scope of work. Leveraging a station rotation model, participants will select two projects they want to learn more about, choosing between the Springfield Renaissance School in Springfield, B.M.C. Durfee High School in Fall River, and Claremont Academy in Worcester.

Each school team will leverage a protocol to dissect the project and hep participants find application to their context. The session will end with reflection and resource sharing.

District Information

We will be bringing at least one high school team from each of the following districts:

Springfield Public Schools:
-Size: 2nd largest school in Massachusetts, 25,604 students
-Demographics: 65% Hispanic, 20% African American, 11% White, 83% High Needs, 77% Economically Disadvantaged, 27% First Language other than English
Number of Schools: 60 total - 35 Elementary, 14 Middle, 11 Secondary

Worcester Public Schools:
-Size: 3rd largest school in Massachusetts, 25,306 students
-Demographics: 43% Hispanic, 30% White, 16% African American, 77% High Needs, 60% Economically Disadvantaged, 55% First Language other than English
Number of Schools: 45 total - 34 Elementary, 4 Middle, 7 Secondary

There is a strong possibility we will be bringing schools from 2 of the 3 following districts:

Brockton Public Schools:
-Size: 4th largest school in Massachusetts, 16,651 students
-Demographics: 58% African American, 19% White, 15% Hispanic, 70% High Needs, 55% Economically Disadvantaged, 40% First Language other than English
Number of Schools: 23 total - 12 Elementary, 6 Middle, 5 Secondary

Fall River:
-Size: 10th largest school in Massachusetts, 10,218 students
-Demographics: 53% White, 26% Hispanic, 8% African American, 75% High Needs, 68% Economically Disadvantaged, 24% First Language other than English
Number of Schools: 16 total - 10 Elementary, 3 Middle, 3 Secondary

Ralph C Mahar Public Schools:
-Size: Represents 4 Rural Towns, 760 students
-Demographics: 484% White, 9% Hispanic, 2% African American, 48% High Needs, 40% Economically Disadvantaged, 16% Students with Disabilities
Number of Schools: 3 total - 3 Secondary

Ann Koufman-Frederick

Ann Koufman-Frederick is Chief Academic Officer at LearnLaunch Institute, leading projects on personalized learning – including the MAPLE Consortium, MassNET Testbed, and Across Boundaries Conference. Ann teaches in the Technology, Innovation, Education program at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She also devotes time to mentoring LearnLaunch edtech startups and is a Board member of the Harvard Alumni Association, and Massachusetts ASCD.

Ann is a former public school educator having worked in several Massachusetts positions, including Deputy Superintendent for Teaching & Learning in Newton, Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent in Watertown, and Director of Technology Initiatives at the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents. She began her teaching career as K-12 instructional technology specialist and professional development instructor in Brookline Public Schools.

Additionally, Ann has coordinated and worked on state and national educational technology initiatives such as the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Consortium, WIDE World at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Massachusetts Leadership Initiatives in Teaching & Technology, and Collaboration for Reform at BBN Learning Systems & Technologies.

Ann received her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Boston College, a CAGS in Instructional Technology from Lesley University, and an A.B. in Psychology from Harvard College.


Additional Resources

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