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Westside Community Schools has spent the past five years scaling up personalized practices district-wide, and as a part of that effort, we created this role: Personalized Learning Collaborator. Collaborators meet with teachers to design personalized lessons, units, and procedures. In this session, ed leaders and coaches will learn about the nuances of leading conversations around the collaborative design of personalized classroom practices. For the classroom teacher, this session will facilitate a brainstorming and reflective process that will equip those educators with the ability to immediately implement personalized into their own classroom.

District Information

Westside Community Schools is a one high school district of approximately 6,000 students. We are located between downtown Omaha and the suburbs, so it's hard to describe us as truly being urban or suburban. We have ten elementary schools in our district, which is a unique feature for a district our size. Three of those elementary schools are title schools. Our high school runs on a 14 period, modular schedule that is a characteristic that defines the culture and learning experiences afforded to our students there. Finally, we have been invested in scaling up personalized learning practices for five years now, and as an Apple 1:1 district K-12, we have made a significant effort to leverage technology and blended learning practices to personalize the learner's experience in our schools.

Andrew Easton

Andrew Easton serves Omaha Westside Community Schools as a Personalized Learning Coordinator, a position that affords him the opportunity to support all of District 66's K-12 educators in the development of a unique personalization model that is specific to each teacher, grade, content area, and learner population. Andrew is passionate about sparking ideas in others across a diverse range of topics (personalization, instructional video production, flexible spaces, and gamification), and as a result, he was recognized as the 2016 PBS Lead Digital Innovator for the state of Nebraska. Andrew also hosts the Westside Personalized Podcast, available on iTunes and at


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