Work Group: Culturally Relevant Curriculum

Thursday, April 5th -
8:30am - 11:30am

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Schools in communities of color are familiar with challenges in sourcing high quality curricular materials that cohere to students’ cultural identities and instructional needs. The national conversation regarding student-centered learning both begs a real consideration of student centered and culturally relevant curriculum, and also presents opportunities for solutions. More schools that serve students of color can be networked and share resources through personalized learning frameworks. Our students can also access innovative content alongside their teacher as co-knower, learner and do-er in ways previously impossible.

This three hour work session will convene expert practitioners in the blended & personalized learning space to address ways that tools and systems can transform our classrooms into culturally responsive, student-centered spaces. Participants will first examine Acero Schools (Chicago Charter Network) as a case study on re-designing social studies and humanities curriculum. In small groups, participants will analyze sample work, and sketch / experiment with various curricular directions. Both small and whole group discussions will focus on opportunities for collaboration towards the creation of a new canon of curriculum.

The work session will be facilitated by Evan Gutierrez, who oversees curriculum and assessment for Acero Schools. His prior work has focused on curriculum development, facilitating design teams for large districts and charter school groups nationwide to launch new and innovative schools and academic programs.

This free event is being sponsored by the Highlander Institute. Coffee and light snacks will be provided during the session.

Work Group: Culturally Relevant Curriculum –